Ashton Area Bicycle Routes

Teton PatternsSet against the Yellowstone caldera and the foothills of the Teton mountain range, the area around Ashton provides a scenic and diverse setting for recreational bicycling. The area features rolling farmland with fields of barley and potatoes, a landscape bordered by national forests and the major rivers of the Yellowstone plateau, the Henrys Fork, Falls River, Warm River and Robinson Creek.

The bicycle routes indicated on this website are designed to take advantage of this inviting landscape. The centerpiece is the Ashton-Tetonia Trail, an abandoned rail line running east from Ashton into the Teton Basin. The rail line is now a state park devoted to bicycles and non-motorized public use, and it features three trestles crossing Falls River, Conant Creek and Bitch Creek.

The bike routes on this web-site center in Ashton, and follow lightly traveled paved and gravel county roads featuring moderate hills, river crossings and spectacular views. Some of the routes are entirely on paved roads, providing excellent opportunities for road bikes. A second set of routes follow US Forest Service roads and trails weaving across the rim of the Yellowstone caldera; these trails are multiple use and unpaved, giving mountain bikers a variety of challenging forested terrain.